Design: 3x The New Map



Out of the 24 collaborations that are showcased in the exhibition at Nationalmuseum, we’ve selected three favourites that highlight the unique designer-producer connection that was established in the process. For the wooden hangers Nord, design studio Swedish Ninja teamed up with carpenter Carsten Nilsson in the devising of simple, everyday-use object that retains its uniqueness through a hand-carved pattern. Mass-produced yet one-of-a-kind, Nord looks great on its own as well as hung as a cluster.



For those of us fascinated by a plant’s different stages of growth, the Biophilia piece, created by design agency Stoft and ceramist Zol Art offers up some real food for thought. The collection consists of four vessels that work well as stand-alone pieces as well as in concert.

The Capsula bowl symbolizes the protected seed capsule through which everything stems. The Petalis and Trancus vessels are all about growth, while the Spore vase stands for the plant’s reproduction, with a ceramic stopper ready to root itself elsewhere.

ts 3x_TheNewMap_Kol


Coal, whose incineration is a considerable reason behind the world’s carbon monoxide emissions, has both devastating and mesmerizing qualities. This led designer Kajsa Willner and AC Snickeri to create a collection in honour of the conflicting material. The Kol line consists of two keepsake boxes, as well as a kitsch-like side table in which a mirrored glass cube is sunk into a gigantic piece of charcoal. Kol and all the other products showcased at The New Map are for sale through the online store.