Klara Kristalova – Slottet

Klara Kristalova’s work tends to polarise its viewers – what some might find cute, others might find creepy. Her sculptures often consist of animal-human hybrids whose faces are obscured by masks or natural elements. Are these creatures friendly or vicious? Are they at one with nature or overwhelmed by it? It’s not easy to tell. As befitting the daughter of Eugen Krajcik – a Czech artist with relaxed attitudes towards modern art conventions – Kristalova doesn’t seem to be terribly interested in forcing a message down the throats of viewers. Her work is open to interpretation.
Through a combination of plaster, bronze, wood, and ceramics, Kristalova creates beguiling small worlds for viewers to explore.

On display between 14 Jan and 12 Feb 12 at Galleri Magnus Karlsson.

Words: Daisy Fernandez