Look Who’s Back On The Scenkonstmuséet

Photo: Jeanette Hägglund

It’s happy days for those in the world of music, art and theatre in Stockholm as Scenkonstmuséet reopens after a three-year absence. After closing for renovations in 2014, the museum is back with new collections of everything in the art, music and theatre worlds. In its new incarnation, the museum explores an even wider range of material than before, explains museum boss Daniel Wetterskog: “Many think that stage art involves being sat at the opera, but today it can stretch to things like YouTube. Before we closed three years ago we were a music and theatre museum. Now we incorporate music, theatre, dance and puppetry and continue to work to be more than just a museum. We want to create a curiosity here, to give people the idea that they themselves can sing, play music, dance or write lyrics. That’s the difference from before, that we have more sides of stage art now”.

Scenkonstmuséet, Sibyllegatan 2