Roadmap: Girl Power


Gyno_Hair hanging Floor_Laura Lippert

The term may have reached the mainstream through Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Xena: Warrior Princess and especially the illustrious Spice Girls, but Girl Power has lived on long after its 90s heyday. In January Stockholm will see the world premiere of an ode to the power of women called Genoïdes – Cirkus Female Intelligentsia. We’ve been told to expect a contemporary circus performance, a sci-fi circus tale that bends, stretch and twist the way we look at women.

The all-girl power act is a mixture of poetry, acrobatic virtuosity and a gentle riot featuring a group of international elite circus artists. The show explores new forms of artistic expression in circus art through the use of motion capture technology, enabling performers to interactively control the sounds by means of their own body.

Stockholm-based Canadian Marie-Andrée Robitaille is behind the concept, which is an attempt to raise questions related to gender.

”Gynoïdes is a response to the objectification of women’s bodies in circus arts, and to the stereotypes that are generally perpetuated within the discipline,” she says.


Gynoïdes is playing at Orionteatern between Jan 6-24 before going on a world tour.