Tomorrow’s Art [ists] with Gallerian and Liljevalchs

Photo: Henrik Kindgren

As part of the Vårsalongen exhibition, Liljevalchs has traditionally had a Ung Vårsalong to show the work of young artists. However, the arthall’s ongoing homelessness due to renovation work has meant that it wasn’t possible this year. So instead, we have the Vårsalongen Unga tecknar exhibition at Gallerian.

The exhibition showcases a selection of drawings and illustrations from young artists aged between 16 and 18 years of age, chosen by a Liljevalchs jury. Forty-three selected entries will be on display at Gallerian between Jan 28 and Feb 5. Liljevalchs chief Mårten Castenfors says that “Gallerian is a really good location for Vårsalongen Unga tecknar, and we are so happy to have this opportunity to promote young talents and show the fantastic work that has come in”.

The exhibition will begin with an opening at Gallerian at 11 on Saturday, January 28.

Vårsalongen Unga tecknar, Gallerian, Jan 28 – Feb 5