Behind The Green Door Project


The Green Door Project returns to Stockholm this Saturday with a line-up that includes Mabel, Helh, Jin Mustafa, Flexx and more. We caught up with club chief Peter Björklund (who’s also involved at Nobelberget, Good Good and the music podcast Jenny & Vänner) to find out more about the club and this weekend’s line-up.

So to begin, what is the Green Door Project and how is it different from the normal gig/club experience?

Well, first of all, The Green Door Project is free. Our mission is to provide for our audience the latest and most progressive pop culture right now, free of charge. We also want to widen the horizon a bit, work with venues that aren’t used for shows like this normally, it creates a special tension. 

What do you think that keeping the venue secret adds to the concept? [The venue is not announced until the day before the festival]

Some form of excitement I hope. To just have everything presented to you from the beginning isn’t that fun..

The Green Door Project is billed as creating collaborations between Sweden’s most progressive and influential artists. What kind of traits and qualities are you looking for in the artists and musicians you book for Green Door?

The main thing that I look for is a output that feels personal and honest. Also that the sound feels up to date and not reactionary. It doesn’t have to fit a specific genre.

Any acts on the current line-up you want to especially highlight?

I think that it’s really cool that we have a Swede that sounds like Mabel, my guess is that she will be playing big arenas soon. Helh has a really unique voice, this will be one of their first shows. I really look forward to see them live. 

Gravity Boys & Bodycam also have a really amazing collaboration that they will present for every one on Saturday, don’t miss it!

And finally, any last thing you want to say to potential guests to persuade them to come?

The venue is really amazing. It’s the biggest venue we’ve worked with so far and to have this line-up presented to you for free sounds good to me.

The Green Door Project #4, Nov 12 @ 2000, Venue Unknown.

Words: Austin Maloney