Clubbing: AmberValent

Photo: Märta Tishner

Photo: Märta Tishner

AmberValent, also known as Hardcore Cutie, is the stage name of producer and DJ Amber Watts who released the really excellent Paragon EP earlier this year, five tracks of screwed electronic pop. She also DJs at Trädgården, Celezte, Hornhuset and pretty much everywhere else, so we decided to ask her about some of her favourite tracks.

A track you associate with when you started DJing?
I started out DJing at Vardagsrummet thanks to Ida Therén who took a chance on me and my friends and booked us even though we had zero experience, thank you Ida! This was during the era of 212 by Azealia Banks.

A new discovery you can’t stop playing?
Bad Girls by Diamond (FKA Pearls Negras) – I love favela/carioca/baile funk and my favourite group just made a comeback with this!

A good track to play at the start of a set to warm things up?
Depends on the crowd actually. I like to just get right to it with something like Tomboy by Princess Nokia.

And a good one to finish a set?
Shutdown by Skepta ofc.

A track to revive a dancefloor that’s dying?
Right now? Formation by Queen Beyoncé. Eeeeverybody wants to get in formation, haha.

One for an outdoor summer set?
I think I’ve been mixing these two songs together every single gig this summer (I just can’t help myself). The classic Turn Me On by Kevin Lyttle and the single Criminal by Mashup International feat Iman.

And one for a dark indoor set in the middle of winter?
Kelela – Rewind. I just love this song by Kelela. It’s dark, sexy and the perfect tune for mack-mode.

A track you can’t wait to play but haven’t yet gotten the chance to?
Oklou – Defeat. Right now it’s this track by French producer and artist Oklou. I randomly caught her show at Social Club in Paris this summer and have been obsessed with her ever since. It’s mellow but I love euro trance and this melody is so meditative, melancholic and I can’t stop listen to it. It’s genius. I really want to incorporate it in a set someday.

And finally, one of your all-time favourites that you keep coming back to?
More Carioca! “Injeção” by Deize Tigrona! It’s fun, classic and includes the best samples everrrr (though I usually play the remix by DJ MARLBORO).


AmberValent’s Paragon EP is out now.


Words: Austin Maloney