Clubbing: Linn Elisabet

During the daylight hours you’ll find Linn Elisabet multi-tasking in the popular music industry, running management, record label and promotion services, as well as consultation with both record labels and management. During the nights though, she navigates much more narrow alleys, hosting events and DJing at venues like Slakthuset, Residens, Laika, Morfar Ginko and Moriskan, as well as private underground parties.

A track you associate with when you started DJing?

My loyal dance-partner in crime Axel showed me Suciu – ‘Dusîntors’ around that time. Listened to it endlessly (and still do, to be honest it’s the most played video on my youtube)! And of course, I played it with pride at my very first club gig. It makes me feel… Cheeky!

A new discovery you can’t stop playing?

Not a newly released track but new in my collection. And I simply. Can’t. Stop. Playing. It. Enjoy Patrick Siech & Sebastian Mullaert – ‘Rivers Will Turn (Vox Version)’

A good track to play at the start of a set to warm things up?

For me selecting techno is built upon implicit narratives. Thus I most often choose tracks that implies the mood I’m out to express for the first 1-3 tracks, mostly pure ambients or rhythmically interesting ones, before I’m moving onto more dance-friendly tunes. The opening tracks give you a chance to be a bit artsy and play beautifully crafted tracks that wouldn’t fit anywhere else in the set. One I’m vibing a lot with at the moment is Antigone’s ‘Lonely Places’.

One that feels great at a warm up though is The Lab’s remix of Mike Parker’s ‘Vesuvio Tremors’:

And a good one to finish a set?

If the other tracks I’ve recommended are still pretty fresh, this is a lot older. Originally released in 1994 like myself: Leo Anibaldi’s ‘Fusion 1’, which I found through a recommendation from another ambient techno producer I favour, especially for a comedown part of a set: Donato Dozzy.

A track to revive a dancefloor that’s dying?

Haven’t really suffered this yet but I would say PVS – ‘Fuckin’ Society (Original Mix)’ has been a roaring success. Every time I’ve played it the dancefloor rises to another level, something that is purely beautiful to watch.

One for an outdoor summer set?

I’ve been longing to finish a set with Rival Console’s ‘Recovery’ remixed by Vessels accompanied by a warm and liberating sun rise…

And one for a dark indoor set in the middle of winter?

I hear both freezing winds and crystals of ice in Svreca – ‘Hagagatan (Rødhåd Remix)’, features really lovely rythmics as well!

A track you can’t wait to play but haven’t yet gotten the chance to?

Von Grall – ‘The Right Slope’ just stirs the deep corners of my spirit so hard.

And finally, one of your all-time favourites that you keep coming back to?

Dino Sabatini & Edit Select ‎– ‘Multiplo (Dino Sabatini Version)’ is actually one of the very first tracks I bought, and I keep revisiting it again and again and again. It’s suggestive in a way that keeps me enchanted over and over.

Words & Photo: Austin Maloney