Clubbing: Residens

Photo: Robert Parker playing at Residens, by Ebba Cecilia Karlsson

The nightlife around Medis has suffered something of a massacre in recent months, with Debaser Medis, Göta Källare and Bullerbyn all closing down. Residens, the new house club in the basement under Snaps Bar & Bistro, might be first part of a revival. We met club chief Bobo Molander to find out more.

So first of all, can you tell us a little about your background and how you came to be involved in Residens?

I have been making electronic music and DJing for a few years and have been promoting different events for some time now, mostly with my crew 162-24/7. After various 9-5 jobs and just being bored with life in general, I heard about the basement of Snaps and that they were looking for someone who could run a club there. I made contact and after that we have been up and running!

Can you define and describe Residens, and what you hope to bring to the Stockholm club scene?

For me Residens has quickly become a home, a lot of my friends show up and each night has that crowded house-party feeling that the big warehouses can lose so easily. So I want to build on that feeling. I hope our guests see Residens as an extension to their living room. Come down, have a few drinks and listen to some very nice house music.
We have a serious soundsystem with a great booth, so the DJs can play both vinyl and CDJ without thinking about the technical side of things.

You repeatedly describe Residens as a house club, but what exactly does that mean to you?
It simply means that we showcase all types of house music, whether it’s minimal grooves, deep house or just classic house music. If it got groove we’ll play it.

What kind of DJs and artists do you want to promote and represent at Residens?

I want to promote people that really give everything when it comes to music, the experience of one act or the hype around them doesn’t bother me, I book the music, not the likes. But really I want to promote local acts and crews, give them a place to learn more and work on their craft.

Macarena in Barcelona has been cited as an inspiration for the club. Can you tell us a little about that club and how its influence impacts what you want to do with Residens?

Unfortunately, I haven’t been to the club itself but I have read a lot about it and listened to their resident DJ’s mixtapes, and they have that friendly houseparty vibe to them. We also have the same soundsystem (Funktion-One), but ours is a bit bigger. Usually they have one DJ playing the whole night and I’m really inspired by that, so we have a few nights where its one DJ, playing for five hours straight. After that amount of time I always think they perform at their absolute best.

Do you think with venues like Debaser Medis, Göta Källare and Bullerbyn closed it leaves a gap in the area’s nightlife that you can help fill?

Yeah sadly those venues were forced to close. Bullerbyn was a great place with steady line-ups all week. Hopefully we can fill the gap and become a place where everyone feels welcome and just wants to get down and boogie all night.

Words: Austin Maloney