Clubbing: The Return Of Trädgården

Photo: Izabella Englund

If you can feel a rumbling on the pavement around Skanstull this days, it’s probably the stampedes of people queueing up to get into Trädgården. The iconic summer club is finally back, and with a new décor, new stage, and a bigger line-up of shows than ever before, including sets by Niki & The Dove, Parham and Wiley. We caught up with Camilla Almqvist Terán, part of the creative team at Trädgården, to find out more.

So, what’s new for Trädgården 2017?

A couple of things. We built a new, permanent stage in Kyrkan and have doubled the amount of Live Sessions since last year. We have a new bar on our old Boule-area, and have worked with some new artists and DJs. Also, our restaurant Växthuset has gone from vegetarian to a 100% plant based menu.

The number of Live Sessions has doubled this year. Was the live music side of things something you really wanted to boost this year?

We all definitely feel like the live music scene has had a couple of troubled years in Stockholm. We’re really happy to be able to offer a stage to a kind of ”mid-sized” act.

There’s a wide range of artists and genres represented in the Live Sessions line up, from grime with Wiley to psych-rock with Josefin Öhrn. Is it important to have that mix and variety represented?

Of course. We want a diversified crowd, and same with our acts.

Can you talk a little about the Daytime Sessions planned for this year?

We’re doing 8 Daytime Sessions this year. I would say Daytime Sessions is our most successful concept, and it’s so much fun to have a full on party here in the middle of the day. The first one is the day after our premiere, with Radio Slave, Oshana, Anthea and Flord King. I’m really looking forward to the one on July 8, with Hunee, Sassy J, Baba Stiltz and some other great acts.

You’ve worked with artist Tove Dreiman on the décor for this year. Can you tell us a little about that?

Yes! Tove did a show at our winter club Under Bron that was super ambitious and very well received. I wanted to include some new people this year so I asked her and her artistic advisor Elin Nilsson to do the whole decor. I think it’s amazing!

Finally, is there any one night on the programme that you’d pick as a personal highlight?

I have too many highlights… But in the near future I’m really looking forward to having Aurora Halal back in the club on May 27, this time for a DJ-set. She’s so cool and so much fun to hang with, and obviously super talented. Don’t miss that one!

Words: Austin Maloney