FRESH. 00s & 90s Turns Two And Returns For Valborg

Stockholm’s nostalgia club FRESH. 00s & 90s is returning for the Valborg weekend, and it’s an extra special occasion for the club as it’s also its two year anniversary. The party takes place at Debaser Strand on Saturday, and we caught up with club chief Marzio Lottarox to find out more about what’s planned.

So first of all, give us a runthrough of the FRESH concept

FRESH. is a club-concept, started with the idea to create a whole production to amplify the sensation of FUN and having a party in a good club in Stockholm. Of meeting nice new people to talk to and dance with, interacting and smiling with the dancer close to you, as you both love to dance to the same music! As an art-director, I just started to focus on what we were actually missing in the club scene over here. A hell of a party, with popular hits, where you can invite your best friends to join and dance like there’s no tomorrow. Taking a break from your “ordinary life” and imagining yourself on a summer beach at night with a nice cocktail in your hand and in a sing-a-long mood. While I was living in London in 2014, the “return of the 90’s “ was a trend. I started to look into it after moving to Stockholm. I was a bit tired of all the USB-DJs that call that set a Club, and decided it would be way more fun to throw a party and play around with a live VJ-set, graphic design, decor, presents for the first to come ( for ex. glowsticks ), requests from the Facebook event and more interaction with the audience, basically everything can turn a small birthday party into a big club!

FRESH is a concept born 2 years ago at Debaser, with only all the best parts of the 90’s music scene. Thanks to the great relationship and talks with our fan base and new friends met throughout the events and their feedback, we developed it step by step.

It’s the two year anniversary, anything special planned?

As always, we’re going to decorate Debaser Strand to the max, with a birthday kit and of course 1000 glow sticks to the first comers. The first hour is free entry, and we’re going to hide 50  ‘Godisarmbands’ around the dancefloor,  so it’s gonna be a proper ‘skattjakt’! For the newbies, before 22 is usually the best time to show up, as we play the requests we have from the Facebook event and it’s also the good time to make some last minute ones.

Finally, anything you’d like to say to the guests before they attend FRESH?

That we’re very proud to have met so many nice people and celebrate special nights for you out there, together with FRESH and the 90s hits! I know many found new friends at the club and they’re coming back with them too. Which is great, so get your best attitude, warm up with some great 00s & 90s playlists and see you Saturday!

FRESH. 00s & 90s, Apr 29, Debaser Strand