A Look Back On 2016: Clubbing

Photo: Vix Persson

2016 is nearly done, so we thought we’d take a look back on some of the stuff we’ve done this year. Here’s a run-through the clubbing interviews we did in 2016.


You can walk through it in an hour and experience hundreds of different houses, buildings and environments. The inner city islands are different as well as the people. The suburbs are starting to come alive and people stopped being ashamed of living here. It’s great.


making music with others is what I love the most. Especially with people that I respect and feel strongly about. It is the single most motivational thing that I know.


There are so many interesting stories, but if we have to choose one it must be DJ Gena. She was one of the techno and rave pioneers in the 90s and in the early 00s she was one of the DJs that introduced dubstep to Stockholm. Together with some friends she started the club collective All Out Dubstep that was a huge success for many years. Today she is playing UK garage and other heavy bass influenced styles. As a DJ she has been, and still is, one of the most interesting DJs we have in Stockholm – always playing things before everyone else and always with her heart in the underground.


Since I’m a jazz fan I tend to mostly go to various jazz clubs. Glenn Miller Café is a nice, cozy place that offers jazz almost every night. Now and then I might catch some international artists at Fasching or Scandics Lilla Hotellbaren. There’s also this new place at Scala Teatern every other Friday called Lönnkrogen which is a club with a speak easy vibe, old school jazz and drinks, I highly recommend it!


We place a lot of importance on just having fun, and if you want to run around, or be a bit drunk, or meet some new friends, or hook up with someone, then why not? Those of us who work with the club met because we like going out a lot, and it’s fun to be able to work with people who really enjoy nightclubbing!


Photo: Vix Persson

I have too many favourites and when I DJ I usually go with the feeling I pick up on at the specific bar or club where I’m playing that evening. But something that has been with me the last few years, and will be dear to me in the future, is everything Aron McFaul produces. He has recently released his EP Pallas Garden and you need to hear it. Pure genius.


Photo: Märta Tishner

Oklou – Defeat. Right now it’s this track by French producer and artist Oklou. I randomly caught her show at Social Club in Paris this summer and have been obsessed with her ever since. It’s mellow but I love euro trance and this melody is so meditative, melancholic and I can’t stop listen to it. It’s genius. I really want to incorporate it in a set someday.


There’s something special about helping a band. Getting people to discover them and watching their crowd grow. Brian Fallon (Singer in The Gaslight Anthem) always says: “If you could help a band out, you should.” And for some reason that stuck with me.


Photo: Helin Honung

You can start a conversation with your friends that lasts for twelve hours, which isn’t something that happens everyday. Put in the time and you’ll have fun.