Music Goes Further Goes Industrial With Into The Factory

For two summers running, rave lovers from all across the world have enjoyed a unique experience at Into The Valley in Dalhalla, a former limestone quarry a couple of hours outside of Stockholm. This year, it’s time to add something new to the Swedish music festival calendar. Festival organisers Music Goes Further are bringing a strong line-up of electronic acts to an abandoned cement factory in Stora Vika, outside Nynäshamn, in early August, with their new event Into The Factory.

Music Goes Further doesn’t stick to just Sweden: they look for interesting and unusual potential venues all over in the world to stage festivals in. The Into The Valley festival has been relocated to Estonia this year, and there’s an event in South Africa they have named Into The Castle taking place early next year.

In an office at Mariaberget on Södermalm I meet Sophie Valencia Vogel, who is head of promotion in Scandinavia, and Andreas Leander-Engström, who is in charge of the artists, to speak about Into The Factory.

“In the beginning, our festivals were born out of the experiences of club life by Andreas and Mattias Hedlund, who are the people behind the concept. We wanted a more intimate boutique festival experience where all the amenities from club life are present”, Sophie says.

The festival area is uniquely designed, with the characteristics of the particular venue as the starting point. Several stages will be dotted around the abandoned silos and other industrial buildings on site. The area is a fair distance from the nearest neighbour and the camping area will be of a high standard with real toilets. If you want to live really comfortably, you could stay in a hotel in Stockholm and get a bus to the festival. Only 4,000 tickets are made available to ensure an intimate clubbing atmosphere.
The line-up includes names like Johanna Schneider, Adam Beyer, Robert Hood and Vril for example. About 75 acts in total will be playing.

“You will feel at home if you have ever been to Into The Valley. The musical line-up will be similar. We have everything from Swedish acts and techno giants to disco excursions,” says Andreas.

It’s not just music: they are aiming to give the visitors the full experience. They are making great effort when it comes to sound and lighting, but also aim to offer high quality food and drink. No watery beer in plastic cups here, in other words.
Art is another important ingredient. After a competition, a jury will pick a selection of artists to exhibit across the festival space.

“We want you to be able to come here and enjoy yourself, and feel as if you have experienced something out of the ordinary, even if you don’t know that much about electronic music. If you’re into good food and drink and a good night out or if you like art, it’s for you,“ Sophia explains.

“We target the clubbing crowd, but dance music is growing so we also aim for a new audience who might not turn up at an underground party but still want the vibe of a rave with an industrial feel. I would say that even if you haven’t heard a single song by a single artist playing at the festival, you will be pulled in by the atmosphere, fellowship and the setting”, Andreas concludes.

Into The Factory, 10-12 August, Nynäshamn

Words: Johanna Bond