Converse Unveils Promo Film For Chuck Taylors With Vince Staples And More

There’s a theory going around the internet that The Strokes accidentally saved Converse. Floated here by Stereogum’s Michael Nelson, it points out that the period between the Converse-wearing band releasing their debut album Is This It to its follow-up Room On Fire saw Converse go from the verge of bankruptcy to being purchased by Nike for $305m, all thanks to people trying to imitate New York’s coolest’s shoe choices. Whether or not that’s true, Converse haven’t forgot how useful links to pop culture can be, and so have hauled in a bunch of young stars for their latest promo vid.

Their new ‘Forever Chuck’ campaign film, directed by Karim Huu Do, features stars like Vince Staples, Gucci Gang,  Millie Bobby Brown (aka one of the Stranger Things kids) and a bunch more, who occupy the screen wearing the shoes (well, obviously) and do the inspirational quote/ dramatic visuals thing. “Chuck Taylor shoes have been a cultural icon and have a long history, and as we see it a long future ahead” says Julien Cahn, Converse’s Chief Marketing Officer. “Through the campaign Forever Chuck we want to boost our collective of exciting and inspired individuals who, like us, appreciate the Converse brand and lead youth culture forwards”. You can check the film out below.

Converse Chuck Taylors are available from various outlets in Stockholm