2016 Year In Preview: HORNSTULLS BODEGA




Tjoget at Hornstull have a stated claim to be a lively marketplace with good craftsmanship in focus. Hornstulls Bodega, the wine bar situated here fits into that description. With Fredrik Iveskär and Robert Andersson behind the steering wheel the bar has driven straight into the hearts and minds of Stockholm drinkers, amassing a hatful of  awards along the way.

For those who don’t yet know that much about you, how would you describe yourself and what you have achieved so far?

Hornstulls Bodega is a small, relaxed wine bar with a focus on generously-priced traditional European wines. We’re inspired by the Copenhagen bars called bodegas as we love their atmosphere, but the name is obviously connected to the wine world as well. Everyone is welcome here whether you want to nerd away with some exciting wine, drink a cocktail or just drop by for a beer. You don’t have to love wine to love Hornstulls Bodega.

How does 2016 look for you, I have lost count on the number of Wine Bar of The Year awards you have won – Allt om Vin, Bartenders Choice Awards and so on. How do you improve on that?

We’re really happy for all the fine prizes and awards we have received and we will continue in the same vein as we have since we opened, but we’ll try to buy even more wine and have even more fun.

Would you say Stockholm has a healthy bar scene and what do you see as its pros and cons?

Absolutely. Stockholm has a fantastic cocktail and wine bar scene. Just look at our sister establishment Linje Tio, which is one of the world’s best bars. It’s an honour to be under the same roof as them. As for pros and cons there is an incredible quality in Stockholm but at times it can be a bit uptight.

What do you think 2016 has in store for the Stockholm bar scene? Any new trends you see coming? Any names to look out for?

Hopefully even more places will pop up steered by passionate people that will result in even more genuine establishments.

Hornstulls Bodega, Hornbruksgatan 24