Växthuset At Under Bron

Photo: Izabella Englund

Vegan fine dining is a concept we haven’t come across very much in Stockholm. But Växthuset at Under Bron, who have been an interesting addition to the Stockholm gastro scene ever since they introduced their vegetarian restaurant in a club setting, are now taking the bold step. From early December they became an all-vegan restaurant.
“It’s fun to be unique and at the forefront within the food scene, just like we’ve proven to be in music and art,” says Camilla Almqvist Teran, who works with the creative direction at Under Bron.

Anders Ramstedt, winner of the Vegetarian Chance Contest in Milan last year, is the new head chef. “A plant-based diet is the only way to go for humanity. The trend is permeating society and on its way to becoming the norm.”

It’s not the first time they’ve launch interesting concepts – their late-night dining idea was a success – and now they’ve also expand their opening times to from 17 on Wednesdays through to Saturdays.

Växthuset, Under Bron.