3 Times: Stiff Drinks

Photo: Jonathan Sammons

Photo: Jonathan Sammons

Sweet is out, grown-up flavours are in, according to a trend briefing by communications agency Food & Friends. And when the trend gods command, we obey. Hantverket’s bartenders Jonathan Sammonds and Anton Wallin are currently offering an on-trend gimlet.

Cacao Fields
Rum (not the kind you pour in your rum and Coke) has grown up and gotten sophisticated. A case in point is Paradiso’s bar, which focuses its entire operations on the distilled beverage. Signature cocktail Cacao Fields consists of agricole rum, lime, sugar and cacao.

Smoked Old Fahioned
While next-door bar Pharmarium is new-school, Ebenist proudly presents its old-school cocktail menu. A favourite of ours, Old Fashioned, get a twist by combining Wild Turkey 101 with birch-smoked raw sugar and Angostura bitters. A must-try.

Words: Micha van Dinther