3 x Foodie Daytrips In Stockholm

Photo: Varvet Facebook

Storstugan Hellasgården

Restaurateur Kalle Schröder has revamped Storstugan at Hellasgården recreational area. Here, on the outskirts of town just south of Nacka, patrons can eat a carefully prepared and tasty meal in a beautiful setting.



This summer, the 400 Högmarsö locals will have an old but new eatery to hang out at. They’ll rub shoulders with the multiple boat dwellers that happen to pass by or actively seek out Varvet, run by Klara Möller Norén and Thomas Diedrichsen. The cuisine is based on local seafood and typical summer dishes.


Kanaans Trädgårdscafé

Within walking distance from the metro, but obscurely located in Blackeberg, you will find the small beach area of Kanaanbadet. The nearby Kanaans Trädgårdscafé is a little bundle of feel good vibes. Enjoy locally grown veggies, barbecued sausages, cold beer or crisp rosé. Substantial sandwiches with homemade bread, cookies, cakes, you name it. Open year round.


Words: Micha van Dinther