3 x Semla


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Grillska Huset

Shortly after New Year, Swedes will turn their attention to the ‘semla’, the traditional sweet bun filled with whipped cream and almond paste. Each year, an establishment is given the title Stockholm’s best semla, and in 2015 it was Grillska Huset that walked away with the honours.



Pastry chef Mattias Ljungberg’s reinvention of the classic treat created long queues of people all wanting to try out the semla in the shape of a wrap. Why no one had thought of it before beats us, and having one is a bit of a must for all Stockholmers.


Friends of Adam

The name semla stems from the latin word simila, meaning wheat, but for those who wish to avoid the gluten yet still treat themselves, pastry shop Friends of Adam has created an alternative. All of their baked goods are lactose, gluten and palm oil free.


Photography: Susanne Walström