3 x Summer Sippin’



During the forthcoming warm summer evenings, we’ll be sipping on a glass of Blomstertid – which translates as “time of blossoming” – from Swedish whisky house Mackmyra. Available in limited quantities, this single malt was stored in barrels used in the production of cherry wine.




A potion to help you cope with stress and maintain focus sounds too good to be true, right? Well, that is just what Stockholm-based Noa claims to do with their pastel-coloured drinks. We particularly like the blueberry and birch sap-flavoured drink.



Cold Brew Coffee

Cold brew, a beverage where coffee beans have been added to cold water for a slow extraction lasting up to 24 hours, has finally reached Stockholm. At Velo Coffee, it is made from beans roasted by hip Drop Coffee. Try it now, you’ll be hooked.