Agrikultur And Talisker Team Up For Scandinavian Detours

Photo: Hanna Bergström

Pop-up restaurants are pretty common these days, but Filip Fastén and Joel Åhlin, the team behind Agrikultur, might have managed to inject some fresh life into the concept. They’re taking the pop-up restaurant out into nature with two locations, in Sweden and Denmark, this summer. The project is a part of Talisker Whiskey’s Scandinavian Detours, a discovery guide put together with some of Scandinavia’s leading adventurers, including Emma Svensson and Sofia Eklund. Scandinavian Detours aims to help people discover Scandinavia’s beautiful and unexplored nature.

Which is where the restaurants come in. They’ll offer their guests a unique experience, with food prepared with the best natural ingredients and served out in the middle of the wilderness, in locations chosen by Scandinavian Detours’ adventurers. “Our food philosophy is all about the strong, clear flavours of the Nordic countries”, says Fastén, “combined with techniques that help the ingredients keep their natural charm. Opening a restaurant right out in nature, which unites food and drink with adventure, feels perfect for us. We hope that together with Talisker we can encourage more people to discover and appreciate the nature around us”.

The Swedish restaurant will be located in Kullaberg, and the Danish in Boesdal Kalkbrud, and they open on July 1 and June 17 respectively. You can book from today at and

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