Back to the Basics with Bakficka

| Words: Angela Markovic

With a world that is constantly trying to discover the next new innovative way to do things, people often forget how special the original way of doing things can be. Bakficka hasn’t forgotten.


Having just re-made their image, the restaurant/hotel is taking things back to a much simpler design of food – bringing to light those things that originally made food so delicious in the early 1900s.

Kung Carl’s Bakficka is based around a 3 rooms, one kitchen concept. You walk through the entrance to the restaurant and find yourself surrounded by a very homey atmosphere with wooden chairs and tables, plants everywhere, and a staircase to a library area upstairs (all the books had been donated by a Bonnier editor’s own home). Walk through to what they have deemed the “pantry” area with non-perishable foods lining the high walls and a bar serving fresh Swedish cocktails including rhubarb specials. Then past the pantry area is the saloon, with old furniture and vintage touches for that early 1900s feel. Tea sandwiches of Swedish delicacies can be enjoyed from inside the saloon.


After a few drinks and hor d’oeuvres in the pantry & saloon you can make your way back into the restaurant area where you can enjoy those simply delicious recipes I was originally speaking of. Start with a small piece of cod that is complimented by grilled baby tomatoes, all of which are seasoned and flavored beautifully. Then move onto a slow cooked duck that melts off onto your fork, made in a style you could remember your great grandmother cooking it just like. End with just a simple scoop of ice cream to top off the meal. As for drinks – their list is plentiful with knowledgeable staff that can recommend just the right wine for bringing out the best flavours.


Bakficka is dedicated to serving food in an environment that is familiar and comfortable, always feeling like you’re not far from home. With the welcoming staff, intimate atmosphere and familiar tastes it’s hard not feel cozy and warm and happily full!