BITESIZE: 3 x Food On Wheels

| Words: Micha Van Dinther


3 x Food On Wheels


Frick & Hagberg

It is that time of year again, when mobile snack vendors in the form of food trucks start becoming visible in ever-increasing numbers on Stockholm’s streets again. An oldie but a goodie is Frick & Hagberg, whose flagship burger is made from scratch using organic beef.



There is no confusing Flippin’ Burgers brand-new, customized food truck for a roach coach. At Sliders it’s all about – you guessed it – sliders. Basically, the idea is to serve miniature versions of their popular burgers all around town.



The orange-and-black Curbside food truck is a popular sight on streets all over Stockholm. With a range of four burgers and a vegetarian wrap, the crew behind Curbside aim to offer high-quality American comfort food for all.

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