BITESIZE: 3 x Right Here, Right Bao



Eat Bao

As Londoners line up in a queue that runs down Westgate Street, Stockholmers are also finally getting a taste of the hottest dish of the moment – Eat, the Asian restaurant located in the Mood mall, is serving up steamed bao buns and shakes on the outdoor patio.



Baozi, or simply bao, are light and airy cushions of steamed bread-like rolls filled with a whole spectrum of flavours and ingredients. How does a pale, albino-like bun stuffed with free-range chicken, fish syrup, red pepper and hot mayo sound to you?


Berns Asiatiska

Although both Eat Bao and Barobao claim to be Stockholm’s first spots serving solely bao, the dish has done the rounds in other acclaimed establishments. Among these is Berns Asiatiska, which currently offers buns with duck confit in the dim sum menu.