Bleck, Carousel And Bananas Launch TT’s Mellanölsveckan

The mellanöl is a bit of an odd fish. Not quite a folköl, not quite a starköl, it can sometimes get a little bit forgotten in the big beer world, especially with the modern wave of craft beer brewers determined to brew beers at ever-higher percentages for reasons that don’t seem to extend far beyond ‘just to prove we can’. Now however, TT want to put the spotlight back on the ‘mellis’. They’ve teamed up with the restaurants Bleck, Carousel and Bananas to put togther some dishes that go especially well with mellanöl. The TT beer itself was originally launched as a beer designed to complement food. During Mellanölsveckan, visitors to the restaurants will be able to order from a special menu featuring three Swedish classics, ‘Tre små rätter’, ‘Black & White’ and ‘Capricciosa’. ‘Tre små rätter’ (Shrimp with grilled lemon, falafel with habanero mayo and butter fried herring) will be available at Bleck, ‘Capricciosa’ (pizza with prosciutto, mushrooms and olives) at Bananas and ‘Black And White’ (fillet served with truffle and Bearnaise sauce and asparagus) at Carousel. All will of course,be available with mellanöl.


“Mellanölsveckan is a combination of food and drink that’s accessable and uncomplicated. There are many good reasons why these dishes have found a place in the Swedish food world”, says Marcus Friari, Brand Manager at TT. Mellanölsveckan runs from Jun 7-11.

Mellanölsveckan, Jun 7 – 11, Various locations.