Dining In (Industrial) Style At Derelict

Restaurang Derelict

For the lucky few that have had the privilege of scoring a table at Derelict (the restaurant only seats around 20), the fine-dining-goes-lumberjack eating experience is a novel one. We caught up with chef Erik Löth to find out what Derelict is all about.

Erik, who are the people behind Derelict?

I’m in charge of the kitchen, while Mattias Malmkvist ”owns” the dining room floor. We’ve also got an investor by our side.

What’s the vision?

Simplicity – ludicrous simplicity, really. Yesterday, I served a freshly picked radish that is dipped in yoghurt and honey from Djurgården as one of the dishes in the set menu. Mattias is on hand to select the very best wines to go with the food, and I make juices.

Derelict is a not an all-together positive word. Why was that name chosen?

Because of the space it is in, which is just that. But we’ve spruced it up slightly, going for refreshed dereliction. It’s not posh, it’s very industrial.

Norra Stationsgatan 51


Words: Micha Von Dinther