Drink This Now: The Åhus Expression


If there’s one cocktail to try this year, it is the Åhus Expression. It was the drink that brought Linus Morgan and Karl Ljungblad, bartenders at hotel Amaranten’s cocktail bar Tap Room, victory in the annual Cocktailkamp competition.


A must-do in order to experience the Åhus Expression to its fullest is to imbibe the pale golden cocktail with a dashi-gratinated oyster. Make your own Åhus Expression by mixing 5 centilitres vodka, 1 centilitre Amaro Montenegro, half a centilitre freshly squeezed lime juice, 3 centilitres grape and white pepper cordial, and 4 centilitres blanc de blanc champagne.


Can’t seem to find the grape and white pepper cordial in your bar cabinet? Head over to the Tap Room at Clarion Hotel Amaranten. They’ll have you liquored up on an Åhus Expression in a jiffy.