Eat This Now: Curry

1970’s food seems to be making a comeback and we’re thrilled to find curry (and not just the Thai kind) popping up on menus across the city. Curry, adapted and anglicised from the Tamil word for sauce, originated in the cuisine of the Indian subcontinent, spreading to different regions and nations, all with their own version.

There are countless curry dishes, but going back to the basics (Indian curry), there are three secrets to making a great curry with complex flavours. Firstly, be generous with your spices. Secondly, add onions, ginger and garlic for that deep base flavour. Finally, decide what to add to give the curry sauce its body – choose between tomatoes, pureed peppers, yoghurt or cream, or coconut milk.

If this sounds too complicated, there’s a great solution at hand. Head over to Ultimat in Vasastan, winner of the recent international Curry Life Awards, arranged by the British magazine Curry Life. The jury awarded chef Nahid Hassan the title of Best European Curry Chef.