Eat This Now: Eggs

| Words: Micha Van Dinther

Eat This Now:


Greasy Spoon



My absolute favourite ingredient is the egg. An egg is the ultimate comfort food, and it’s what makes a great cooked breakfast. I even started a cafe for my love of eggs and my passion for a good breakfast, and our logo says it all. They say that a chef’s hat has 100 folds, which represent the amount of ways a chef knows how to cook an egg. It’s so versatile. Have you ever had buttered toast soldiers and a soft-boiled egg? A simple runny yolk is so delicious. It’s enough to bring back happy childhood memories of my mum making me a hot breakfast.


There are so many ways. How people enjoy eggs is so personal, but for me the yolk absolutely has to be soft. A current favourite of mine is very soft scrambled eggs with a drizzle of truffle oil – delicious. But a more adventurous recipe would be some baked eggs such as shakshuka, or the Mexican dish huevos rancheros.


We do a lot of egg-based dishes at Greasy Spoon, such as the classic eggs Benedict, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce with ham, spinach or salmon. But it’s so important to use the freshest, best-quality eggs you can get hold of. This month, we are looking at some exciting menu changes and adding some new weekly specials and trial some new dishes.

As told by Laura Hinton (pictured), a Brit who felt the Stockholm restaurant scene lacked a really good spot for breakfast and brunch. Since last year, she runs breakfast restaurant Greasy Spoon together with fellow Brit Tyrone Poh-Janrell and chef Elin Beckers.

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