Eat This Now: Flatbread Pizza

| Words: Micha Van Dinther

Eat This Now:

Flatbread Pizza



I am currently a staunch supporter of the flatbread pizza, to which you can make endless variations.


The slow-roasted pork pizza with Tuscan kale and ricotta we serve at Kornhamnstorg 53 is magic, but I wouldn’t eat it everyday. Pairing it with an Imperial Red Riding Hood ale really does it justice. I’m a sucker for food that is allowed to take time. Although pizza is perceived as fast food, the pork is cooked all night.


The aforementioned pizza will be served at Kornhamnstorg 53 for some time to come, but if that isn’t available, try the potato, Gorgonzola and black truffle variant.

As told by Marco Baudone, the former chef and joint owner of Le Rouge, who set up his own restaurant Kornhamnstorg 53 in Gamla Stan earlier this year.

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