Eat This Now : Homemade pizza

 TS EatThisNow_HomemadePizza_Portrait


The seasonal pizza I cooked while becoming Swedish pizza champion back in 2014 is perfect at this time of year. Deer, and game in general, is fantastic in the autumn. It works so well with other seasonal ingredients such as root vegetables, mushrooms and herbs.


Replace the classic tomato sauce with a smooth parsnip paste and top the pizza with filé of deer that has been slowly baked in the oven.


Make sure to choose your meat carefully in a good, well-stocked supermarket. Fresh meat is always the preferred option, but if you go for frozen, let it defrost slowly in the refrigerator.

Frida Ceveryd  Vinnaren av Pizza SM 2014

As told by Frida Ceveryd, a chef who made Sweden’s best pizza in 2014. Ceveryd, who runs restaurant Stanton’s and &Olles in Varberg, has just launched her own cookbook *Sveriges Bästa Pizza*, available from publishing house Massolit Förlag.


Fotograf: Magnus Sandberg