Eat This Now: Swiss Roll

| Words: Micha Van Dinther

Eat This Now:

Swiss Roll



This Swedish classic is having a bit of a revival as the new cool pastry around.


Instead of baking them with their regular thickness, I recommend making the cake slightly thinner, so that they can be rolled up in a greater number of folds. I find them more beautiful that way. Swiss rolls also offer great variation, as both the batter and filling can be switched out according to preference. Why not try Nutella in between the layers?


Café Pascal’s Swiss role is quite small and thinly rolled. I think it looks great and the flavours really merge into one.

As told by Alisa Bandell, the multi-talented creative behind the new book Baka med Bandell (Bake with Bandell). She herself has baked, photographed and designed everything shown in the book. Follow her at @alisaskitchen

Photo: Ulf Bandell

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