Fast Good


The space formerly inhabited by Oaxen Skafferi, on one of the corners of the Mariatorget, has new tenants. Rune and Fabian Kalf-Hansen, the father-son due behind Kalf & Hansen, are passionate about food on the go, done in a healthy way, and describe their concept as “Nordic, organic and seasonal fast food”.

Senior Kalf-Hansen, who might be a familiar face to some, after having featured in television shows such as Toppform, knows a thing or two about giving the body what it needs and wants, and is said to do so by picking the very best organic produce and ingredients – down to the grains of salt it is seasoned with and the knob of butter it is cooked in.

Full-size or 2/3 portions are available in a selection of dishes named after the Nordic capital cities, many with the common denominator of the inclusion of frikadelles. Meat, fish or vegetarian frikadelles – the choice is yours.


Mariatorget 2

Photography: Charlotte Gawell