Foodie Island

| Words: Micha Van Dinther


Stuck in the city for the summer and looking for a close-to-home foodie excursion? Look no further and hop on the “sjövägen” SL ferry that navigates the route between Nybroplan, Slussen and Frihamnen.

Grab a free coffee from the ferries pantry and take a seat for the 15-minute boat ride to Kvarnholmen, a peninsula currently going through quite the urban development, which is set to be completed in 2015. It got its current name in the 1930s, when the area was the working ground for Qvarnen Tre Kronor, a now defunct mill (‘kvarn’ is mill in Swedish).

Aside from the new housing development, quite a few interesting concepts are being introduced in the area this summer. Nightlife impressionados Bojan Lukic and Jakob Grandin from Under Bron are set to take over Äppelvillan, a villa that will mix music, arts and culture and nightlife in one. Next, chase down the location of Rosa Husvagnen for a taste of summer – quesadillas, waffles and smoothies served from the pink food truck’s order hatch. At the harbour, Italian gelato is served at Bullandö Glassfabrik’s brand new location.

Kvarnholmen even has its own pastry, developed by the Swedish national team of pastry chefs. It is quite the magnificent creation, sprayed with pink-reddish chocolate, as a reference to the red brick building along the harbour stretch.