Lunch at Sixten & Frans: Drop by Anytime

Confession: I have a soft spot for places that allow me to multitask. Such as a bookstore where I can grab a nice coffee and sip on it while browsing literature. Or a co-working space with a killer cocktail menu where drinks can be ordered directly from your laptop (though obviously not in Sweden, duh). Why not combine two good things and make them even better than the sum of their parts?

That is probably why Sixten & Frans, a bar and restaurant that shares a space with uber-hip retail temple Grandpa, is instantly to my liking. Once I’d completed a lap between the clothing racks and tables filled with cool merchandise, I settle down at a table for a post-retail lunch. It is during evenings that the restaurant’s menu is at its best, with a handful of starters, six or seven mains and a few desserts. On weekdays, there is only one lunch option on the menu, but on weekends, I was glad to find a ‘best of’ a la carte menu, featuring several of the restaurant’s most popular dinner options.
Among these is a steak tartar (220 kronor) that is to die for. It’s no wonder that it has a prominent place on the menu, as it really stands out as one of Sixten & Frans’ knockouts. A generous portion of coarsely grated, masterfully seasoned meat lie at the bottom of a dark ceramic bowl, topped with capers, shallots, Dijon mustard cream and egg cream, finished with a sprinkle of finely grated Parmesan cheese. The Jerusalem artichoke chips in the bowl add just enough of a crispy texture to the dish, and I wash it down with a smooth and refreshing Estrella Galicia (64 kronor) lager.

The fried chicken burger (95 kronor) is a steal, and it comes with a large basket of fries. A homemade bun comes with a moist piece of chicken, coated with a golden crispy batter, topped with sour cabbage, pickles and mayonnaise. It really makes me wonder why anyone would choose those sad excuses for chicken burgers at the nearby fast food dumps, saving a mere 20 kronor.

Sixten & Frans is one of those any-time-of-the-day and any-day-of-the-week places that every major city should have plenty of. Which, for reasons unknown, Stockholm has so few of. It’s the combination of vibe, value, atmosphere and quality of food that makes this place stand out.

Fridhemsgatan 43
08 88 93 30