Mat Meets Music At Santa Salsa

Arepa is a popular maize food in South America, and especially in Venezuela and Colombia, made of maize dough and served with cheese, avocado, or as a sandwich with whatever you want, making it a great streetfood. Santa Salsa is a project that originated as a skatevideo team with Maikel Gonzalez (of Stockholm band Sudakistan) and Sergio Barrios back in Venezuela, Since Gonzalez moved to Stockholm it’s become a title for a DJ crew and more, and now it’s become an Arepa-selling streetfood popup. On Thursday they’re having one of their biggest events yet at Cosmopolite, Beer and arepas (obviously) will be available from 17-23, which Happy Hour at 19, and Eric Sjöwall and Jocke Åhlund DJ.

Santa Salsa La Arepera “POP UP” på Cosmopolite, Mar 16 @ 1700, Cosmopolite