The New Nalen

| Words: Elna Nykänen Andersson


Today’s Stockholmers know Nalen as a concert venue, but during its 125-year long history the building has seen many tenants come and go. In the beginning of its life, back in the 1880s, the building was used as a bicycle school, and since then it’s housed everything from Christmas parties to political and religious meetings and sporting events.

Until now, it hasn’t ever been primarily thought of as a restaurant, and while Nalen is still first and foremost a music venue, its owners are now aiming to raise its gastronomic profile to a new level. That task has been handed to the new head chef Petter Eriksson.

Eriksson took over the kitchen around a year ago and has been fine-tuning his menus over the past few months.

“Nalen has always been a laid-back local eatery with ambitions, and we want to keep it that way. I want to contribute to that with my knowledge of organic and locally-produced food,” Eriksson says.

At the new Nalen, everything is cooked from scratch, and the menu changes five times per year, following the seasons; this spring, it’s all about new vegetables like cauliflower, beetroots and potatoes. Aside from the seasonal menu, Swedish classics such as meatballs, a shrimp sandwich, pickled herring and salted salmon are always served.

The focus is on Swedish ingredients and products, which is also reflected in the drinks menu, with most beers coming from small Swedish breweries.