November Is Italy Month At Strandvägen 1 and Milles

Fans of Italian food with probably find themselves at the restaurants Strandvägen 1 and Milles a lot this month, as they’re teaming up with Eataly to bring a series of chefs from the peninsula to Stockholm. Eataly is an Italian dining franchise that includes restaurants,dining halls, cafes and food boutiques, and they’re opening an outlet on Biblioteksgatan in the beginning of 2018.

But before that, several of their chefs from various different regions in Italy will be guesting at Strandvägen 1 and Milles this month, starting with Marco Visciola from Liguria and Diego Rossini from Piemonte. They’ll be putting together menus based on their local and seasonal traditions, and there will also be special truffle dishes and an extra wine menu available for the month. Pelle Lydmar, CEO of Eataly and Strandvägen 1 says: “It’s a wonderful way for us to get to know and taste Eataly a little better. It also gives us the chance to train and try things out before we open on Biblioteksgatan next year”.

Italian month runs between Nov 7 and Dec 2.


Marco Visciola: Liguria & Diego Rossini: Piemonte


Diego Puddu: Lombardy & Vincenzo Vitola: Friuli


Lucio Vergine: Apulia & Roberto Cotugno: Lazio


Gianluca Esposito: Emilia Romagna & Mirco Giudici: Marche


Photo: Diego Rossini of Eataly