NY meets Stockholm, Part 2

| Words: Elna Nykänen Andersson


As mentioned previously, beer and food lovers have a new address to check out since brewery and restaurant Nya Carnegiebryggeriet opened its doors at the end of April in Hammary Sjöstad. Financed by Carlsberg, Brooklyn Brewery and a group of private investors, the project aims to develop “innovative, fun and exciting” beers for beer nerds and regular Joes alike. But there is also a restaurant to try, and the menu includes food designed to pair well with the beers – peanuts and sausage, yes, but also smoked char with potatoes and egg, beetroot with goat’s curd and hazelnuts, lamb with wild garlic and much more.

Several beers have been developed in collaboration with Brooklyn Brewery, with the local brewers travelling back and forth between Stockholm and New York to train. So far, it has resulted in five different beers, with their “surprise brew,” a saison ale named Lumen In Tenebris, being the most eye-opening.