Christmas In Paradiset

Paradiset julbord

Traditionally, Christmas is a time when you give up on stupid ideas like ‘health’ and ‘wellbeing’, pig out and put off dealing with the damage until January (which, as well all know, is the hangover of months). But luckily for anyone that would prefer not to have to spend most of the start of next year working their way back to normality with an emergency gym schedule, the people at health-conscious supermarket Paradiset think about taking care of yourself 365 days a year, and so have come up with a healthy take on Julbord. Cook and Instagram star Siri Barje has developed an ‘alternative and more modern’ take on the traditional Julbord dishes, featuring more natural ingredients and more meat-free dishes. Paradiset VD Johannes Cullberg says “Today meat consumption, food waste and natural and organic issues are some of the most important questions, but they tend to disappear into the background when it comes to Christmas food. That’s why we want to treat more people to a healthier Julbord – food that’s good for our bodies, the environment and the animals”. The Paradiset Julbord menu will be available in their stores until Dec 24.

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