The dive expert

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA guides dive-lovers to Stockholm’s best and worst spots. We’ve spoken to Bodil Höglund, one of the people behind the website, about what characterizes a dive and where she prefers to spend a night on the town.

What compelled you to create the website

It was a combination of a desire for a change of scenery and a thirst for a night out without breaking the bank. We were a group of friends from work in the IT sector that used to hang out a lot together and regularly went out for a beer after work. The realization that we could have more beer for less money got us started. Equipped with the technical skills to create a working website, we set the ball rolling and started blogging, filling with reviews of dive bars and restaurants all over town.

In your opinion, what signifies a true dive?

I have to say the place has to be cheap, cheap and cheap… The most significant trait is the price level. Half a litre of beer should not cost more than somewhere in the vicinity of 30 kronor – preferably a little less. The menu must contain simple but heavy foods such as pork, steak, fries, nachos, onion rings and the like. Another must is the ubiquitous béarnaise sauce, which has to come in copious amounts. A true winner in this context would be a joint that offers a combo of plank steak and a large beer for about 99 kronor.

And the look of the place?

When it comes to general aesthetics, a restaurant or bar that falls into this category is usually decorated by the owner him or herself – with new and continual ”improvements” along the endless chain of ownerships. I would say that the decor would most likely be classified as tasteless.

Do you find that there are specific parts of the inner city where you find a higher percentage of dives?

I would say that the area around Fridhemsplan is a goldmine if you want to find cheap eats and drinks. And basically all over Södermalm.

What would be your top dives in the city centre?

Dovas – because of its self-evident status. Lion Bar – so popular that it has been turned into a chain restaurant. Gröne Jägaren – almost as legendary as Dovas. 91:an – which taught us how to appreciate a “flatliner,” which is a shot made out of Sambuca, Tequila and Tabasco.