Three Times: Italian Invasion

Photo: Eataly


Those who’ve spent any amount of time in the US (or Italy, Japan, Monaco, Turkey or South Korea for that matter) will have noticed Italian grocer and restaurant chain Eataly’s steady expansion. This fall, Eataly comes to Sweden and takes over Urban Outfitter’s former space on Biblioteksgatan.

Isabella Morrone

Chef Isabella Morrone, known from cooking contest ‘Kockarnas Kamp’ on television, has open up her very first restaurant. Located in the space that formerly housed Grossmanns, the restaurant seats 80 and focuses on classic Italian dishes that originate from all over the boot-shaped nation.

Meno Male

Pizza is getting the same upgrade that the burger did a few years ago, turning those previously shabby joints into pizza palaces with imported ovens and high-quality ingredients. Try Meno Male for a sizzling gourmet pizza that only spends 90 seconds in the 450 degree oven.