A Triple Vegan Hit


Photo: Pepstop

Pepstop is not only a well-stocked health food store, it also has a so-called food lab. Here, it is possible to attend an innovative seven-course vegan tasting menu (only available for eight people or more) crammed full of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants.

Vegan Schmegan
Since 2014, the multicultural family behind the Vegan Schmegan food truck has treated Stockholmers with delicious, healthy and environmentally-friendly vegan treats. Try their handmade falafel wraps, breakfast burritos and hummus bowls.

Fredrik Nilsson has extensive experience as a chef and harbours a true passion for organic food and flavour. He is the creator of Råbar, a Stockholm-based raw ball supplier with interesting flavour combos like banana, peanut butter and poppy seed.