From all of us, to all of you

| Words: Elna Nykänen Andersson

bun meat bun

Crowd-funding has become a way for many people to realize projects that might otherwise stay at the dream stage. With small donations gathered through websites and social media, people have created films, computer games and magazines, and the financing method is getting bigger and bigger in the food and drink world as well. The Swedish organic vodka brand Virtuous Vodka and the Finnish dairy-free ice-cream brand Goodio both got started that way, and in early May another crowd-funded restaurant opened its doors in Farsta, thus expanding the burger hype to the outskirts of the city.

Bun Meat Bun was funded by more than 130 different people, who also got to taste the burgers before anyone else. Owned by burger enthusiasts Stefan Falk and Mattias Wall, who’ve previously served their food at successful pop-up events, the restaurant promises simple, classic burgers, great quality and reasonable prices – a notch above the big chains, but under the bigger restaurants.