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Stutterheim, Åsögatan 132, Sodermalm

It’s not raining when I walk into Stutterheim on Åsögatan 132, but I wish it were. I wish that it was record torrential rains and that the only way back to my apartment was by trenching through the winds and hail and of course walking out with a Stutterheim raincoat. They are so beautiful. I goggled the brand last year when I saw Kanye West wearing one. As cheesy as that sounds the picture of him and a pregnant Kim Kardashian were everywhere. On that day scrolling through blogs I thought he looked dashing and elegant in that black shiny raincoat with white accents. Soon I saw them on all the fashion blogs and other celebs like Lorde, and Jay Z. The coats soon became a top item on my coveted list. I was excited to learn there was a store really close to my apartment in Sodermalm so I popped over one afternoon to gawk at these pieces in person.

The store aptly titled DEYN the Swedish world for rain is small, efficient and easy to navigate, the coats hang on the wall like craft fashion utilizes that would be a luxury to collect. The Stutterheim coat is the perfect accessory for the hipster fisherman or lady, hikes in the archipelago or the calm breeze of a concrete city night. Founder Alexander Stutterheim says it’s, “A coat to wear out in the countryside, at the sea or just when strolling around the city.

The coat is also a bit of a status symbol. If you wear a Stutterheim it’s obvious that you appreciate the luxuries and details in life. This coat is something that might last a lifetime and one you will definitely cherish and pass on. The quality of the coat boasts, fabric made the worlds finest cotton producer, double welded seams, rubberized thick cotton, single waxed cotton fabric, rubberized cotton, detailed buttons and hemp strings. Each coat is handmade with the kind of attention to detail that you can actually feel when wearing one.

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The jackets are a bit pricey. A basic model like the Stockholm White is SEK 1,995. But if you think about it you might wear it about a thousand times in your lifetime so it evens out. The capes, where they truly shine are a bit more. The Öland White,SEK 2,295 is stunningly beautiful. My body is tingling as I try it on and immediately start thinking of all the things I would need to cut out of budget to own one.  I don’t mind eating tomato soup and seaweed salad for a month if I can wear one of these magic pieces every time it rains It’s my favorite silhouette, the way it ripples down the body is of a very Scandinavian folk tale nature. The Ingrid SEK 3,595 is also beautiful and especially in the Camo. The colors subtle, shape sleek and fit gorgeous. Stutterheim makes other items as well, like the Beppe bucket hat, SEK 895 and street wear jackets like The Inferno Series, SEK 4,795, they are nice, however I think the raincoats have a more universal appeal and fit like a gems.

The Stutterheim story is part of the magic of the brand. Alexander Stutterheim discovered his beloved grandfathers 60‘s raincoat in an abandoned barn in Arholma. He thought back to his grandfather’s days of fishing in the archipelago and when he put on the coat found it practical and gorgeous. There his memories and fashion design mixed and his homage was born. A cult audience immediately embraced Stutterheim for its beautiful cut, near perfect craftsmanship and practical purpose.

Even though the brand is the self proclaimed Swedish melancholy fashion statement for rain and gloomy weather, the colors vary in the happiest of tones contrasting the utilitarian design and making it a bright shining statement that can be worn in even the darkest most boring nights. I want to wear a Stutterheim year round.

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