Five Great Restaurants For Five Different Moods

Whether you reside in Stockholm or if you are just visiting for the weekend, knowing which restaurants are worth visiting and which are not is always useful. And because not every night is the same in terms of what you’re looking for and what you feel like, the following list will give you an idea of where to go depending on your mood for the night.

1. Kung Carls bakficka
If you’re in the mood for some great food early on in the day, Kung Carls bakficka offers one of Stockholm’s most luxurious brunches between 1130 and 1600. With a great, central location at Norrlandsgatan 28, it is easily accessible for anyone strolling the streets of downtown Stockholm. The price is considered by many to be somewhat high but, considering the range and the quality of the dishes available, ranging from fresh pancakes to steak tartare, you won’t regret spending a couple of extra kronor at this Stockholm gem. The retro interior of Kung Carls bakficka will take you back a couple of centuries and make you feel like you’re dining in London, completing the experience.

2. Jackpot Grill & Bar
Located at Casino Cosmopol, the Jackpot Grill & Bar offers great food to go along with the great gambling opportunities. The restaurant is a great place to celebrate your winnings with a fancy meal – or to help you get over an unlucky blackjack streak. Even though Swedes tend to play their poker online these days, Casino Cosmopol is frequently visited by both tourists and Stockholm residents looking for a fun night out with an exciting atmosphere. And one of the greatest advantages of going there to play, is the Jackpot Grill & Bar. The prize for a one course meal is around 200 SEK which is, when you consider the quality, a steal – especially if you do well at the poker table.

3. The Dubliner
Next to Hötorget in the absolute center of Stockholm you’ll find The Dubliner, which is the perfect place if you’re looking for a great pint of beer and dancing. Every weekend, a new band takes the stage and gives it their all to please the crowd who goes there for drinks, laughs and dancing. With its Irish spirit and traditional dark-wood interior, The Dubliner is a sure thing to make you feel like drinking a Guinness or two, or another of their 20 plus types of beer. It is also a great place to have a burger while watching a game, if you go there by day.

4. Griffins Steakhouse
If you’re in the mood for some fine dining and some of Stockholm’s best steak, Griffins is where you should go. With a great atmosphere and a bar in the middle of the room, you can also sample a great beer or two before your meal and just enjoy your time there. One of the restaurateurs you will find there is Christian Hallberg, known from TV shows like Dinner secrets from the Abbey and Chefs duel, and who also likes to mingle with the guests. If you’re going to Griffins Steakhouse for a nice relaxed meal, we recommend the “Menu Extraordinaire” – a three course meal with the traditional starter, main and dessert.

5. Lion Bar
If you’re looking for loud music, poor lighting and really cheap drinks – Lion Bar is where you should go. It lies just a stone throw away from The Dubliner but attracts a different crowd, one that is a bit thirstier. And with beers that cost around 20 SEK or a pitcher for 75 SEK, Lion Bar quenches their thirst cheaply. Every now and then, everyone wants to have a proper night out, and if you don’t want your wallet to suffer as much as you will the next day, Lion Bar is where you’ll want to go.

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