3X: Red Hot New Design Items

New Order

High-end sensible furniture designers Hay’s modular conception ‘New Order’ is a shelving and furniture system. What Hay have created is something versatile, practical, easy on the eye and available in several bold colours – such as this bright red. New Order works perfectly as office furniture thanks to the efficient use of space, but looks equally at home in your kids’ room or as living room furniture. Another colourful Lego-like product from the Scandi-design masters in neighbouring Denmark.


Another Rug

This is the first time the graphic design studio ATWTP (All The Way To Paris) has worked with woven textiles. ‘Another rug’, available from &Tradition, is woven from high quality materials using the ancient Kilim technique. The bold colours and graphic design are inspired by stairs. The fading “steps” in the rug’s design create an illusion of depth and adds a contemporary look to an otherwise traditional product.


Atelier Trousers

Copenhagen-based design studio Aure was formed not long ago by Filip and Johanne Aurebekk, Fredrik Egeland Aartun and Sjur Østlien Lien, but they have already gained recognition for their simplistic garments, adhering to the group’s inherent style. These ‘Atelier Trousers’ are hand dyed and made to order from 100 percent cotton by designers Johanne and Sofie Genz. The relaxed fit can be adjusted in several ways and they look red hot when worn properly!


Words: Micha van Dinther & Magnus Wittbjer