5 Indoor Activities In Stockholm For January


It’s no secret that this might be the most depressing time of year in Stockholm. There’s no Christmas coming up and no holidays on the way, your wallet is at its emptiest and on top of that it’s the coldest and darkest time of the year. So what do Stockholmers do to cope? Here are a few options that the city’s inhabitants use to escape the gloom, in case you want to follow their lead.

1. Go climbing

Some might say it’s a hipster thing to do. Others just follow the trend. The rest are adrenalin junkies preparing for the upcoming season of outdoor climbing. Not far from the center of Stockholm you will find Klättercentret – an indoor space, the likes of which you won’t find anywhere else in the city. Enjoy three different kind of climbing wall, once you’ve completed an introduction course for this art. Fun, healthy and perfect for these cold months! Go for it if you like exercise and challenges!

2 Nature is calling!

You hate the cold, but love nature? Hellasgården might be the right choice for you to spend your free time. Enjoy a typical Swedish version of “bastubad”. The classic sauna combined with a dip in the ice-cold water outside might be just the thing to wake up from your winter depression. Try it out!

3. Movie-marathon: The safe choice for every rainy day

Even if the snow isn’t too bad, you can be sure it will rain constantly during these months. Enjoy your favorite movies on the one and only Netflix!

4. Take a chance at home

Not into jogging around the city or clambering up and down walls? Take a chance like many Stockholm residents to make some extra money and enjoy gaming online! There is nothing like the thrill of a casinoslot in front of your computer in your warm home!

5. Bake the classic: Semla

The classic semla (a traditional Swedish cream bun) is about to pop up in all the bakeries and food markets in Stockholm. February is the time of year when Swedes treat themselves to a perfect mix of sweet and creamy buns. Bake them yourself from scratch!

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