APLACE Opens Up New Second-Hand Boutique Pearl

It’s an exciting time for fans of second-hand shopping adventures in Sthlm, as clothing store APLACE is getting into the game. They’re opening up Pearl, a new second-hand store, at their Hornstull location, where customers can browse big-label second hand clothing. Customers can also leave their former favourites to the store, and earn money when they’re sold on. We caught up with co-founder Kalle Tollmar to find out more.

Okay, so first of all, describe the Pearl concept to us.

Pearl is a premium second hand store run by the same people behind APLACE. We felt for a long time that Stockholm was missing this kind of store, so why not open one? You have the ‘cheap ones’ like Myrorna, Röda Korset, Humana and then the ‘vintage/retro ones’ like Judits, Pop, Beyond Retro. Here [at those outlets] the focus is on the past in terms of selection and how the instore concept is designed. But Stockholm was missing a progressive one with a updated and cleaner interior.

What will the identity of Pearl be? What kind of items and clothing are you focusing on?

Our focus is on progressive Scandinavian labels such as Acne, Our Legacy, Rodebjer, Wood Wood and so on. As a extra topping we also present garments from international labels such as Comme des Garcons, Kenzo, Y3, Supreme etc.

You’ve talked about the problem in the fashion industry where clothing becomes irrelevant and forgotten after one season. Does something like Pearl help to counteract that?

Yes! With Pearl we highlight the fact that these beautiful garments are worthy of a longer life in the spotlight, instead of being hidden in the dark… It´s about creating and adding value to a strong existing product. With the Pearl concept we really believe we’ve managed to do that, and with the connection to APLACE we can encourage all of our APLACE customers to let us sell their previous favourites.

And the first couple of days have been crazy, so people seems to agree!

Pearl, Långholmsgatan 19