Five Activities In Stockholm For Adrenaline Junkies!

Are you the kind of person who just loves the feeling of having adrenaline pumping through your body? Does activities such as wall climbing, skydiving and off road skiing sound more appealing to you than lazy movie nights?
In that case, check out our list below with five activities in Stockholm that will for sure satisfy your thrill- and sensation seeking traits!

Gröna Lund
If you want to relive your childhood and get your adrenaline start pumping at the same time, a trip to Gröna Lund is a must! Gröna Lund is one of Sweden’s largest amusement parks with about 30 different rides. In April 2017 a new ride will open called “Ikaros”. According to Gröna Lund this will be “the worst fall in history” with a fall speed of 90 km/h and a total height of 95 m. The only question is, are you brave enough?

Escape Games
When looking at Fun & Games in Stockholm on Tripadvisor, one specific activity dominates the list: Escape Rooms. In an Escape Game you and your friends will get locked in for an hour, with the mission to find your way out. What happens with those who don’t succeed is still unknown…

Casino Cosmopol
Do you get a rush from betting on roulette or trying to beat the house on blackjack? Then a visit at Casino Cosmopol, Stockholms only casino, is a must! Although Swedes mostly prefer to play casino games online (mainly because of the availability and opportunity to get a bonus), nothing can beat the feeling of a real gambling night out with friends!

Maybe the most classic activity for adrenaline junkies. If you want to do a real skydive there are plenty of options around the Stockholm area with prices starting around 2 200 SEK for a dive. However, if you prefer to stay in the city, Bodyflight Stockholm is recommended. Here you can try out Sweden’s only indoor skydiving facility from 695 SEK.

Laser Tag
Is it childish? Yes. Is it ridiculously fun? For sure!
Sweden’s biggest Laser tag chain is called “Laserdome”. In Stockholm it’s located at Surbrunnsgatan and luckily there is no maximum age limit!


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